There’s a vacation for everyone in Florida. No two places are exactly alike, so you can plan a diverse trip that would be hard to get anywhere else. We have plenty of beaches, amusement parks, museums, and unique dining experiences to choose from. With so much to offer, it can be hard to plan out. Fortunately, the Holiday Inn Melbourne makes it easy for you to hit some of the best destinations in the state. Just a few drives away from the hotel are the spots that will make your four day trip a memorable one. The days can get long to fit everything in, so you know you’ll have a comfortable spot to come back to relax when you’re done.

Day One – Daytona Beach

For your Florida trip, start at Daytona Beach and work your way down. Dayton Beach is located just about an hour and a half away from the hotel, making it the perfect place to start. Racing fans will already be familiar with Daytona, the home the Daytona International Speedway, which recently underwent a $400 million renovation. You can still enjoy the speedway, even if there isn’t a race going on. The racetrack includes the Motorsports Hall of Fame, filled with historical racing memorabilia

Racing isn’t all that Daytona Beach has. The Daytona Beach Pier is one of the top attractions in Daytona. This is also one of the best spots to find great seafood while enjoying the views from the pier. If you’re more interested in catching your own food, you can fish right from the pier. The white sand beaches surrounding it give you the perfect beach experience to add to your trip. Nearby, you can enjoy the games at classic arcades. During the summer, you can also find free concerts at the historic bandstand.

For some indoor activities, Daytona Beach has several museums to add to your trip. The Museum of Arts & Sciences, a Smithsonian affiliate, has over 30,000 pieces of art and memorabilia from a diverse group of cultures. The MOAS also includes a planetarium with weekly shows. To learn more about Daytona’s history, check out the Halifax Historical Museum. This includes exhibits going as far back as 5,000 BC up to WWII.

Day Two – Melbourne

On your second day, you won’t even have to travel too far from the hotel to get to a number of great attractions. One of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne is the Kennedy Space Center. Here, you can get everything you need to know about America’s space travel history. Notable exhibits include artifacts from moon landings, a collection of old rockets, and presentations given by real astronauts. The Kennedy Space Center also has exhibits for current and upcoming NASA events. You might even be lucky enough to visit on a rocket launch day.

Of course, Melbourne has a pier and plenty of stunning beaches of its own. The Melbourne Beach Pier is one of the best locations in the area for fishing. Melbourne’s beaches are the closest beaches to Orlando and are ranked among some of the best in the state. Beaches like Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach are some of the best for water activities like surfing and snorkeling.

Florida is well known for its wetlands and wildlife To experience the beauty of nature in Florida, Melbourne is ideal. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge has 140,000 acres of wetlands and a wide variety of species. This is an especially good spot for bird watching and fishing. You can also watch out for manatees, or go boating and canoeing.

Day Three – Orlando

Orlando is where most people typically want to go when they visit Florida. The Holiday Inn Melbourne is only an hour away from Orlando, which makes it the perfect third day of your trip. This puts you close to some of the most famous vacation destinations in the country. Orlando is home to four Disney parks. Among these is Disney World, which is enough to fill up your whole day. While Disney World might be the most popular park, you also shouldn’t overlook  Epcot, Animal Kingdom. Whichever you choose to spend the day at, you can’t go wrong.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, you still have plenty to choose from in Orlando. A trip to one of the many museums can be a great way to get out of the heat. For an amazing cultural experience in Orlando, check out the Orlando Museum of Art. Some of the art in the museum spans from ancient America to contemporary art. Another notable art museum in the area is the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, which features jewelry, pottery, and art. Two museums that can give you a unique experience are Skeletons: Museum of Osteology and the Orlando Science Museum.

A visit to Gatorland can also teach you more about some of Orlando’s most popular wildlife. Outside of the museums, Orlando has great shopping centers, dining, and outdoor activities. From arcades to public parks, you can find anything in Orlando.

For the fourth day of your Florida trip, take a drive over to Tampa. One of Tampa’s most well-known attractions is Busch Gardens. While many people know Busch Gardens as an amusement park, it’s much more than that. In addition to a wide variety of roller coasters and other rides, Busch Gardens also houses over 200 species of animals. Throughout the year, they frequently host shows for guests to enjoy as well.

For more wildlife in Tampa, visit either the Lowry Park Zoo or The Florida Aquarium, both are ranked among some of the best in the country. At the zoo, you can see over 2,000 animals from all over the world. Those visiting the aquarium can even swim with fish, sharks, and eels. Both of these locations can make a great end to your Florida trip.

Of course, walking around Tampa’s downtown area is enough to take up your day. Here, you’ll be able to find historic buildings from Tampa’s past around every corner. One of the most prominent features of the downtown area is the walking and biking trail that runs along the river. You’ll also be able to choose from different museums, restaurants, and theaters.

Day Four – Tampa