Nearby Theme Parks


At the Holiday Inn Melbourne, we have the advantage of being near some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Among the top attractions are the number of famous theme parks in and close to Melbourne. Huge theme parks, like Walt Disney World, are just a short drive away from the Holiday Inn. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly theme park of something fit for thrill seekers. From huge roller coasters, to wildlife and waterparks, we have it all close by. We have no shortage of theme parks in Florida. With so many great options, you might want to keep a few days of your trip open to visit some of the world-renowned parks. It can be hard to choose which one you want to go it and you could easily spend your whole vacation only visiting the different theme parks.

Walt Disney World

One of the most visited attractions in the world, Walt Disney World is a short drive from the Holiday Inn Melbourne. Disney World attracts over 50 million visitors every year. No trip to the area is complete without visiting Disney World. See classic sites like Cinderella’s Castle, take a ride on the iconic teacups, and get to see all of your favorite characters. For adults and kids, a trip to Disney World is a great way to create memories.

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is a great get-away for anyone who loves movies. You’ll also find more thrilling rides at Universal than you would at Disney World. One of the most popular parts of Universal Orlando is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Wizarding World features some of the most well-known scenes from the films, like Hogwarts Castle and the Hogwarts Express. While you’re there you can also enjoy dining at movie-themed restaurants.

Andretti Thrill Park

Learn more about marine life by visiting SeaWorld Orlando. You can see different sea animals like dolphins, sharks, and whales. They also have other animals, flamingos and penguins being just a few. Not only will you get to look at the sea animals, but you can even swim with them. SeaWorld isn’t just an aquarium, they also have rides throughout the park. After you spend some time visiting the sea animals, you should take advantage of the water park SeaWorld has.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Just a quick drive away from the hotel is the Andretti Thrill Park. At the Andretti Thrill Park, you can find a variety of family-friendly activities for all ages. A visit here is the perfect way to relax with some classic theme park games and rides. Everyone will love mini-golfing, bowling, and laser tag. Don’t miss out on their arcade games and batting cages. They also have several outdoor rides, including a small coaster and drop tower.

Discovery Cove

Spend time with some of Florida’s wildlife with a visit to Gatorland. Here you can see thousands of alligators and crocodiles, as well as other local animals like birds and wild cats. Gatorland has unique experiences for visitors, including alligator wrestling and shows. The park is 110-acres and is filled with marshland and nature trails to explore.


For a zoo-themed park, check out Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom allows you to be in nature while also getting to enjoy the fun of being at a Disney park. You can even see wildlife exhibits throughout the park, as well as tropical plants. There’s also plenty of exciting rides in Animal Kingdom. Since it’s a Disney park, you’ll still be able to see many of your favorite animal characters from Disney films at the park.

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America is the only family-owned amusement park in Central Florida and offers the classic amusement park experience. They have rides that are great for any age group. At the park, you can find the only wooden roller coaster in Orlando. You can even ride on two of the tallest SkyCoasters in the world at Fun Spot America. Aside from rides, they also have go-karting and an arcade.


One of the most popular things to do in the area is swimming with the dolphins in Discovery Cove. Dolphins aren’t the only marine animal you can swim with, Discovery Cove has snorkeling with stingrays and tropical fish as well. Floating through Discovery Cove’s tropical river waterfalls and sandy beaches is a relaxing way to spend your day. Discovery Cove is also known to have shorter lines than many of the other popular parks.

SeaWorld Orlando

When you visit Epcot, you’re Epcot takes you through different countries all over the world. You can visit countries from all over and even get a glimpse into the future with Future World. At Epcot, you can experience food from countries all over the world. Of course, Epcot has many rides that fit each country as well and also features a Frozen themed section of the park.