Beaches in Melbourne, FL


When you stay at the Holiday Inn Melbourne, you’ll be close by some of the most popular beach destinations on the Space Coast. The beaches in Melbourne are also the closest beaches to Orlando and Walt Disney World. With over 70 miles of coastline, the Space Coast has the perfect beach for everyone. The warm Florida weather allows you to get a chance to enjoy going to the beach, no matter what time of year you’re visiting. Amazing restaurants, surf shops, and boardwalks all make the beaches surrounding Melbourne the ideal beach getaway.

The Holiday Inn of Melbourne is perfectly located to give you easy access to beaches all along the Space Coast. With just a short drive, you can enjoy some of the best beaches the state has to offer. It doesn’t matter what you’re in town for, if it’s a beach vacation for the whole family, or you’re here for a business trip. The beaches in Melbourne will give you the opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy pristine waters.

Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach is well known in the area for being a family-friendly community with a wide variety of activities. Here you can find miles of undeveloped sand for the quintessential beach experience. Melbourne Beach stretches out long enough that you’ll get to enjoy the popular area without having to worry about overcrowding. The water along Melbourne Beach is perfect for all water activities, like snorkeling and surfing. One of Melbourne Beach’s most prominent features is its historic pier. The Melbourne Beach Pier was built in 1889 and is on the U.S. Register of Historic Landmarks. The pier is the perfect place to get a view of the ocean, watch sunsets, and go fishing. Around Melbourne beach, you can find a wide variety of different restaurants, in addition to art, live music, and shopping.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is perfect for those traveling to Melbourne for any of the space attractions. All over Cocoa Beach, you can find great spots to get a glimpse of rockets taking off from the Kennedy Space Center, making it a truly unique experience. Surfing in Cocoa Beach is regularly listed as one of the top surfing beaches on the East Coast. You can easily find an experienced surf instructor in the area if you’re looking to learn. If you’re not interested in surfing, you can also try deep sea fishing. Cocoa Beach is a great location to see some of Florida’s wildlife like dolphins and sea turtles, it’s even a popular spot for bird watching. For those who would rather relax on the beach, Cocoa Beach has a variety of dining options, as well as museums and historic sites.

Canova Beach Park

Satellite beach is another great surfing beach in Melbourne. A welcoming beach perfect for families, Satellite Beach is also a popular beach for locals to go to. While you’re at the beach, you also have a good chance of getting to see sea turtles and other wildlife. One of the most popular areas of Satellite Beach is Pelican Beach Park. At Satellite Park you can find amenities like picnic pavilions, sand volleyball, and playgrounds.

Indian Harbour Beach

If you stop by Canova Beach, you’ll most likely get to meet some dogs along the way. Canova Beach is the only dog-friendly in the area. When you visit Canova Beach, you’ll get to enjoy the sand and sea while watching the dogs play along the beach. Canova Beach Park is a smaller beach, but it has plenty to offer. It’s the perfect spot to spend a day with family and friends enjoying the water. The beach also has grills and picnic areas so you can cook and eat right on the beach.

Satellite Beach

While much of Indian Harbour Beach is residential areas, it can be the perfect place to spend a quiet, relaxing day on the beach. Indian Harbour Beach has four community parks with two of them, Bicentennial Park and Millennium Park, located right on the beach. If you’re looking for a peaceful day to spend either alone or with family, the Indian Harbour Beach area is a great spot. Both of the parks have scenic views of the ocean and are perfect spots for a beachfront picnic.

When you stay at the Holiday Inn Melbourne, you’re in the best location to get to any of the fabulous beaches in the area. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re looking for a day filled with outdoor activities, or if you’d rather go to the beach to relax, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.